February 5, 2008

"How Does Google Know Everything?"

During dinner the other night, our 6-year-old daughter asked me... "How does Google know everything?"  A fascinating question specially when you think it came from a first-grader.  It made me reflect on my elementary school days.  My Father had a pretty large library at home and there was a Britannica Encyclopedia.  I remember that I would flip through the pages of those 24 volumes and think that all the knowledge of the World was there... (how I was mistaken!).  For my daughter and her generation, Google, Wikipedia... are becoming their first stop for answers.  I just hope that the search engine won't substitute an afternoon at the public library.  My wife and I have spent countless hours at the Ridgefield Public Library reading to and with our daughthers and many times looking for answers to questions they made during the week.  Here in São Paulo, we found two wonderful bookstores, one called Livraria Cultura and the other Livraria da Vila. During our ski week last month, we spent an afternoon at the Telluride Public Library and we were very impressed with their facility.  So, although Google is a great resource to find just about anything... there's something magical about the search and exploration at a great bookstore or library.

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