February 6, 2008

Hot, Spicy & Ubiquitous

This weekend we were eating seafood on this quiet beach off the coast of Santa Catarina and sure enough... the little red bottle was there on the table ready to be poured and give the food an extra kick. I'm obviously talking about Tabasco®. I've travelled extensively over the years, and no matter where I go, Tabasco® is present on the countertops and tables of bars, diners, restaurants (I found out on their site that they export to 160 countries and print labels in 22 languages). In a marketing world where innovation is a driving force, it's amazing to see the McIlhenny Co. - family-owned and operated since 1868 - making the classic pepper sauce with the same recipe for 140 years. It's also great to see how they have been careful in dealing with innovation by launching a wide range of other products from Chipotle Sauce (which I also love), spicy BBQ sauce, bloody mary mix, to spicy ketchup and mustard... extending the Brand to different categories but all positioned to deliver a hot & spicy experience.

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