February 28, 2008

In-Bag Self-liquidated Promotional Concept for Snacks

When it comes to conceptualizing and executing innovative promotional concepts, there's a guy on my team that is simply the best. His name is Roberto Angelino and he's our Marketing Mgr. for the Kids & Teens Snacking Portfolio, as well as our very own promotional guru. Angelino and his team, Bia Tilkian, Cinthia Gherardi and Debora Bertolozzi, created an in-bag self-liquidated concept for the Cheetos® Brand that has been a huge success, called Cheetos® Surpresa.

Every 8 weeks a new theme is launched, anticipated by kids all over Brazil. This month, Angelino has introduced a new edition with one of the most powerful global licenses out there:
Disney's High School Musical 2
Kids will be able to collect 12 different tags with color prints of the HSM cast and 10 different metallic key chains. This new wave comes with a product improvement of 70% less saturated fats. Good news for kids, good news for moms.


James Macdonald said...

It's great to hear of a firm seeing the value of in-house creative talent. I spent a few years developing in-house promotion concepts at Unilever in Sussex, UK and you can't beat the motives of in-house staff in terms of product/customer relevance and cost effectiveness. At what stage do agencies get involved or is it a fully in-house operation? Would you recommend companies adopting such a strategy or is too dependent on having a particularly talented individual in the right place at the right time?
The trouble is that being particularly successful might lead the individual to either leave for the broader creative environment of the marketing agency world or get steered away into the more strategic commercial arena via promotion within the business. Either way its hard to keep such creative resource in place for long I suspect.

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