May 9, 2008

How do you track Brand Buzz?

How do you measure brand buzz? It's interesting to see how ad agencies are using Google Trends to track the amount of people searching certain words or brands during a specific PR or communication campaign.  A great way to check buzz. The way Google explains the service is rather cool: "...a snapshot of what's on the public's collective mind."


Paulinha said...

Olá Ricardo, não se conhece o, mas lá vc pode digitar o nome de qualquer marca e ver qual a repercussão que está tendo no twitter (a nova ferramenta da moda)

E, na linha do ggole, e com um toque de humor, temos o google fight, você digita o nome de duas marcas e a que for mais relevante no google vence a luta:


Paulinha Ziegert

Jonathan Salem Baskin said...

buzz is great, but it's a marketing tactic, isn't it?

i don't think there's any good measure for brand value as a strategic least none upon which forward-looking decisions might be based, let alone commitment of stock or investment money (it's usually a vague catch-all for aspects of balance sheet results that defy other/better explanations).

i've come up with a novel proposition to solve the matter. brand strategy magazine has just posted it on its blog, and the essay is in an essay entitled "mad metrics."