May 31, 2008

Product Placement on The Apprentice

Last night, Brazil's version of 'The Apprentice' (called O Aprendiz) was aired on TV Record and our new product introduction Sensações® Ao Forno - Brazil's first baked potato chip - was one of the stars of the reality show. The task the contestants had to complete was to create an in-store activation for the launch at our our client WalMart.

The initiative, led by Carla Araujo and Ricardo Homs members of our Adults Snacking Team, is a good demonstration of how new media formats are being used to reach audiences in unexpected ways. The advantage of this particular case is that the product was perfectly inserted in the show's content. Because the program's host, Roberto Justus, is also one of Brazil's most celebrated advertising executives, from a marketing standpoint, the entire process worked very well. Justus is a master in balancing the client's needs while still delivering an entertaining show.

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