May 23, 2008

What is the first word that pops into your mind....?

Alexandre Van Beeck's blog this week talked about a cool new online tool called Brand Tags. It's a website, created by a guy called Noah Brier, that shows you famous brand logos and asks you to type in the first word or phrase that pops into your head. The site is fascinating both to see what people have posted and also to participate yourself.  I couldn't resist and spent a lot of time last night checking out people's perception of the world's greatest brands. 

It's one more example of how the internet has become a powerful tool for consumer insights.

Check out what Wall Street Journal's Buzz Watch has to say about Brand Tags.

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Alexandre van Beeck said...

Foi o mesmo que aconteceu comigo! Passei um bom tempo brincando e pesquisando.
Valeu pelo comentário.

Abs,van Beeck