August 21, 2008

Branding... a big challenge for BRIC's

Going through the latest Global Fortune 500 list, it's clear that we're entering a new world order with companies from BRIC countries rising on the global scale.  What is still missing is the branding piece.  With very few exceptions, like China's Lenovo (debuting at No. 499) which acquired IBM's computing division or India's Tata (No. 315) which has made headlines all over the world with an aggressive automotive strategy, there's seems to be a long way to go in the development of brands that will become the Apple, Toyota, HSBC or Nokia of the future.  In many cases, there seems to be a generic, risk-free approach with strong nationalistic overtones with names like China National Petroleum, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Indian Oil, State Bank of India or Banco do Brasil, instead of creating brands that can be differentiated and make a statement. BRIC companies wanting to move beyond borders may need to look at South Korea and learn how they were able to create some remarkable global brands in the past 20 years, like Samsung, LG or Hyundai. 

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Vinnicius Vieira said...

Ricardo, receba pela primeira vez os comentários de um admirador de seu trabalho.

Desenvolvo um projeto de pesquisa em relação a este tema, as marcas globais dos BRICS, especificamente dos produtos chineses.

Na minha opinião o ciclo penetração de carros chineses será muito semelhante aos dos carros japoneses na década de 70 e aos coreanos na década de 90.

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