August 31, 2008

Why not a National Geographic family resort?

As parents of elementary school kids who are fascinated by everything related to wildlife, my wife and I find ourselves trying to plan a family vacation that will provide our girls with a cultural/educational experience.  One place we want to take them is to a beach on the coast of Bahia, called Praia do Forte, famous as a nesting site for sea turtles.  That is where Project Tamar - Brazil's national sea turtle conservation program - is located.  A place where kids can learn about marine wildlife and help release newborn turtles back to sea.


I have doing some online research to find other vacation destinations that combine family resort with science camp for kids.  The result has been disappointing.  Obviously, there are great family eco-resorts. And there are camps specializing in science, the type you drop your kids off for a week.  But I haven't been successful finding a combination of both.  It may me wonder that there may be an interesting concept, combining the experience of a resort operator with a world-class institution with a solid scientific backbone, like for example, National Geographic® or the Smithsonian Institute.  A travel concept that would inspire kids to learn through exploration in a fun and engaging way.  

I have a feeling there would be more families like ours, interested in investing vacation time in a more meaningful way.

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