August 3, 2008

Smart insight leads to Eating Colorful

I like it when you see a product innovation based on a relevant consumer insight.  In this part of the world, many moms try to prepare meals with different colors, to provide their children with a variety of different nutrients. Nutritionists will say that colors of fruits and vegetables are associated to different nutritional properties. Therefore, a naturally colorful meal means a healthier one. Based on this insight, Knorr® launched a few months ago a line of Soups under an 'Eat Colorful' positioning. The line was initially launched in 4 colors: red, orange, yellow and green. In the case of Soup Red, it's a combination of tomato, red pepper and eggplant, with the benefits of vitamin A, C, iron, fibers and antioxidants.  

It's not easy creating a new concept in traditional categories, so I thought this was a wonderful reminder that there's always a new refreshing way way to look at things. The process always starts with a smart insight.

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