August 17, 2008

Gourmet-style mobile food concepts

A cool trend is showing up in big cities all over the world.... gourmet-style mobile food concepts. Forget the typical hot dog stand, we're talking high-quality food. One very cool example is the DessertTruck in Manhattan. This food truck, created by Jerome Chang, a former pastry sous chef at Le Cirque and Chris Chen, converts the world of fine-dining desserts into a sidewalk experience. It's located at St Marks Place (8th St) and 3rd Ave.

Another example is Skillet, located in Seattle (a place known for innovative food retail concepts), which serves high-end locally-sourced dishes. I love the retro-looking silver Airstream trailer.

I'm trying to convince my organically-correct gourmet wife, to set something up like this in São Paulo.  In a city where people like to go out for a work lunch, traffic is terrible and there's not always a lot of time for a good meal, do you think the concept would work here?

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