September 14, 2008

Cupuaçú... will that be one or two scoops?

I'm always looking for what's new in the world of ice creams. So, I was very happy to find out that there's a place here in Sao Paulo selling Cairu®, the famous ice cream brand from Belem (the well-known port that serves as a gateway to the Amazon Forest).  It was worth the visit. Absolutely amazing.   Cairu is all about authenticity showcasing wonderful ice creams using local fruits, from the already popular açaí (known for its antioxidant properties and one of the few local fruits, like the guaraná, known abroad), to the more exotic acerola, muricicupuaçú or taperebá.  

If you type in 'ice cream' at Wikipedia you see references from all over the world, from Italy's unique gelati texture, to the heladerias of Argentina and Uruguay with the superb dulce-de-leches or American ice creams rich in cream and amazing inclusions. Not surprising that there is no reference to a typical Brazilian-style ice cream. I think it's a matter of time for the world to discover some of the fruits from the Amazon.... and you never know, maybe one day, Cairu Ice Creams will no longer be a well-kept secret.  

I found this great photo of the acerola berry at Flickr posted by photographer Marco...

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Márcio said...

Olá Carlos,

Simplesmente fantástica sua palestra na UNIASSELVI. Suas palavras foram muito inspiradoras, infelizmente não consegui enviar minha pergunta, que seria algo do tipo "existe algum método para descobrir (ou chegar perto disso) qual minha vocação, no que sou realmente bom??".
Mais uma vez, obrigado por sua palestra e por distribuir um pouco de sua vivência no marketing.