September 26, 2008


Last night at JFK before flying back to São Paulo, I bought the Esquire Magazine - 75th Anniversary issue - which comes with a cool e-ink cover. It's actually the world's first magazine to use e-ink. The magazine explains that the technology is similar to what we find in the screens of mobile phones and electronic readers using " circuitry thin and flexible enough to bend and small enough to draw a level of energy that would allow the battery to last at least 90 days." The end result still feels a bit like work in progress but it is a fascinating peak at how technology will certainly change the way we will read in the near future. It's easy to imagine that the rich media experience so ubiquitous online will soon be morphed into books, magazines or even in-store materials creating a entirely new reading experience.  Cool stuff. 

Check out a video on YouTube showing the magazine cover...


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Alexandre van Beeck said...

Neste semana este tema foi bastante discutido, tanto pelos publicitários como o pessoal da web. Algumas opiniões saudaram a inovação, outros esperavam mais - houve criticas como "isto não passou de um gif animado"... Coloquei um link de um blog sobre o tema!