September 26, 2008

Pre-Super Bowl buzz

Doritos® is back creating pre-Super Bowl buzz with its third edition of the 'Crash The Super Bowl' campaign.  Doritos innovated two years ago with a consumer-generated format that shook the industry and started a trend.  At the time, consumers were invited to submit 30" ads.  Two spots, were chosen online and aired during the big game.  This time around Doritos is offering a $1 million prize for a creative mind that is able to produce a Doritos TV spot good enough to top a viewer poll at the next Super Bowl.  I absolutely love how my colleagues at Frito-Lay are leading the Doritos Brand.  A bold, creative and completely consumer-centric marketing approach to a very cool brand.  Awesome work.

1 comment:

denise said...

Sorry, Ricardo, but I beg to differ -- while the Doritos campaign may be a great PR-generating move, I would not call it "consumer-centric marketing."

We need to do a reality check here. The ads that win these kinds of contests and get exposure are not created by consumers. They're made by aspiring filmmakers and "pro-sumers" looking for their lucky break.

Case in point: the Doritos contest winner whose spot aired during the 2007 Super Bowl was not a consumer. He was a partner at a firm that specializes in creative video production. According to Doritos' website, his firm was "looking for any opportunity to launch the company into the public eye."

By upping the ante and offering such a sizable prize this year, Doritos is making it even less likely that a real "consumer" (a Doritos fan) wins.