October 9, 2008

Movement to promote Entrepreneurship

I believe that it's during tough times that human that we see the best in ingenuity and creativity. I was thrilled to see that there's a new campaign being aired in Brazil mobilizing young professionals and students to become entrepreneurs. The Endeavor Institute has launched a cultural movement called "Bota Pra Fazer" (that roughly translates as 'Make It Happen'), the local chapter of a global movement. 

On the Endeavor website, there's an interesting call to action: "Unless you get out of your chair, your ideas won't get on their feet."  

One of the TV spots I just saw on air features Luiz Seabra, one of the founders of Natura Cosmetics and one of Brazil's most inspiring business leaders.  A visionary who built one of the country's most respected and corporately-responsible companies.

This is an absolutely wonderful initiative that we should all applaud. At a time of so much volatility and uncertainty, maybe it is the right time to promote new ideas... that may become new and exciting businesses... created by a new generation of leaders who will make the business world a better place.  


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