October 7, 2008

My Personal Blogging Experience

This week I'm celebrating a year that I starting writing this blog. I didn't realize, when I started, that this would be such a personally rewarding experience. I'm really enjoying putting my intellectual curiosity to test. Writing has forced me, like never before, to look at things with an even sharper eye, be even more inquisitive and pay extra attention to my own experiences. Good and bad. Whether I'm reading a book, buying something at the grocery, looking at things around me waiting for a flight or just exchanging marketing ideas with a colleague, I find myself constantly thinking if there's an interesting story that I would like to share. It has also been humbling to read posts in blogs of people I know and thinking "wow, what an interesting experience that guy had and how well he was able to put his story together."  The other day I was looking for a specific case to study to illustrate a point I wanted to make at a class and I found myself going back to my posts and rediscovering thoughts I had months ago. 
I hope my MacBook and I will keep on having fun blogging...   

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Alexandre van Beeck said...

O melhor do seu blog é poder ler, acompanhar e entender o seu ponto de vista sobre os mais diversos assuntos e, com isso, aprender um pouco mais a cada dia.