October 2, 2008

Collaborative approach in new innovation course at a local university

I was invited to participate in a new academic initiative at one of São Paulo's top universities: ESPM-Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing. It's a 2-month course on how to use innovation as a force of business transformation. This is obviously a subject I absolutely love and I'm curious to see how it will play out. Because innovation can mean so many different things to different types of companies, it will be very interesting to see how each lecturer approaches the theme from his specific perspective. The school invited professionals with broad experience from a variety of different organizations. There is a professional with an innovation track record in tech companies, a person from banking, there are people with a consumer marketing background (like myself) and there is even an anthropologist who specializes in Brazilian food heritage and its interconnection with culture. To create a more collaborative approach between faculty and students, the school teamed up with IBM and we will be using Lotus Connections - a social network software that will hopefully help extend the learning experience beyond the classroom. 

Sounds promising.

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Rodrigo Canhissare said...

Fantastic Carlos,

I want talk with you about: "How Social Network and Innovation could work together" and post it into my blog. What you think about it?