October 16, 2008

Grain of Goodness

A cultural movement usually starts small and eventually grows over time. In the case of Quaker here in Brazil we are starting a movement that starts with a simple idea... that oats can bring goodness to people's lives. The goodness that comes from lower blood cholesterol levels, from improving intestinal health, from helping to slow the rate of digestion curbing appetite. When people feel good about themselves, they feel good about others and that feeling spreads.

The campaign is called Quaker Oats – the grain of goodness.

Interacting with Alexandre Peralta and his passionate team at StrawberryFrog on this assignment has been a memorable experience. The challenge we initially faced was to maintain a balance between the functional story of oats while maintaining a tone that could resonate at a deeper emotional level. It's interesting that the Quaker brand has been in Brazil for 55 years and there's still tremendous opportunity to teach people the benefits of including oats in their daily diet. The brand carries a rich heritage and a powerful image of health & wellness. A brand that inspires a tremendous amount of trust among Brazilians. However, not everyone understands how complete this little grain actually is. One way to help educate people on the benefits of oats will be through this very simple print ad. On one side you have the word seed. On the other page the word harvest, listing the functional benefits of oats. A wonderful reminder that a powerful message can be made with just a few words.

One thing that makes us very excited about this campaign is that our agency has been able to translate the benefits of oats into one word that we believe can spark a movement, engage and hopefully motivate people to include oats for a more natural and healthier lifestyle. And that word is goodness. Goodness will be at the center of everything we do… from the way the brand breathes, to the causes it embraces.

Take a look at the first TV spot. The voice over talks about the goodness that comes inside out… and the goodness that comes from outside in. Oats can be incorporated in a person's diet in a variety of different ways. That's why we are showing scenes of oatmeal porridge, oats blended with fruits to make shakes, oats on top of a bowl of açaí (a very Brazilian dish that became popular on the beaches in Rio) or even sprinkled over saladas.

As we start planning to ignite our Quaker oats movement, our team would love to hear your comments.

We're fortunate to count on an awesome Quaker Team in Brazil led by Adriana Ribeiro, with Erika Salgado, Sarah Buchwitz, Rodrigo Viselli and Priscilla Cheutchuk. A team of goodness.

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Great insight, nice idea.

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