March 27, 2008

Another Collaboration Initiative... this one from Starbucks

Yesterday I read in Cristiane Correa's blog (Exame Magazine's cool editor) that Starbucks® has launched a collaboration platform called  Since I'm passionate about the theme of collaboration as a web 2.0 way for companies to really empower the consumer, I immediately went to check it out and register. It's great!  An online space that allows coffee lovers to post ideas on how to make Starbucks a better place.  By the end of the day I thought I had an original idea to post.  My idea was based on the insight that coffee drinking lends itself perfectly well to the introspective moment of reading. A moment to warm up the soul and fill up your mind. So why not have Starbucks in selected public libraries?  I've always loved a good public library but I know that many struggle financially requiring strong support from municipalities and the community.  The idea of renting out space for a coffee shop could certainly dilute the library's operating costs, relying less on public funding. So, before posting my idea (that I naively thought was original), I googled the words 'starbucks' and 'library'.  Well... I found out the idea is not original at all. There are a few examples of the model.  Well,I guess it's time to order a latte and think of an original idea.

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