March 9, 2008

This is the Best Time to be a Marketing Professional in Brazil

After almost nine years living and working abroad, I'm very happy to be back in Brazil in a time when the Brazilian economy is hotter than ever. Practically all the key economic indicators are strong and the overall feeling, here in São Paulo, is that this is a market ready to accelerate growth. In 2007, employment reached the highest rate in four decades, trade surplus was US$ 40 billion, inflation is under control, and the stock market reached the highest market cap among emerging markets. Last year alone, there were 64 IPOs generating US$ 56 billion that are fueling the economy.  

A number of Brazilian companies are rapidly expanding into global markets, companies like...
Vale and Gerdau taking advantage of a hot commodities market
Petrobras becoming a world leader in ethanol
Sadia and Perdigão selling poultry in markets from Dubai to Moscow
JBS-Friboi acquired Swift to become the world's #1 meat producer
Marcopolo manufacturing buses that run all over the planet
Embraer supplying the world with regional jets

The opportunity for seasoned marketing professionals is phenomenal. One of the challenges, is to take successful business models that have made Brazilian companies strong locally and adapt them for global expansion. Another fascinating, yet tremendously challenging, opportunity is to re-coneptualize and invest in Brazilian consumer brands that have the potential of making a connection to global consumers... so that in the long-term, these brands can be recognized and admired outside of Brazil. Good examples are Havaianas®, H.Stern®, Brahma Beer®Fogo de Chão® Steak Houses ... but there are just a few. This is where Brazil could borrow a page from South Korea's marketing book. The opportunities are amazing, especially in a positive economic environment like the one Brazil is living in now.

This is definitely the best time to be in Brazil.

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Hernan said...

Carlos Ricardo,
me alegro muchisimo de este momento de Brasil y de que estes tan contento de estar de vuelta. Tambien te felicito por tu blog!

Un abrazo,
Hernan Marina