March 30, 2008

What Marketing Can Learn From Great Design

When it comes to contemporary Brazilian design, the Campana Brothers rock!  I remember when we lived in NY and I had read in the NY Times how brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana were the new design sensation with the 'Vermelha Chair' (pictured here) and that it was being showcased at MOMA. So, we went there.  Today I decided to visit the Campana site (click here to check it out).  The website is phenomenal. By clicking on the projects there's a visual tutorial that explains where the inspiration for each design came from. This is what is written on the 'Vermelha Chair':

"Born from a tangle of cords bought on a street market in São Paulo, this chair projected Fernando and Humberto Campana on the International stage. The Vermelha Chair marked the beginning of industrial production of their pieces of furniture. The way the rope should be braided to the metallic structure was videotaped and sent to the Italian company."

Another amazing and stunning design is the
"Favela Chair".  
This is what is posted on their site...

"Inspired by the favela constructions in São Paulo, using scraps of wood found on the streets, the Campana Brothers create this intricately fabricated chair."


Going through the Campana Brothers' site I realize that there's a fascinating correlation between the inspiration found in everyday life that leads to great design with compelling insights that lead to superior marketing strategy and innovation.

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