March 5, 2008

For The Nation We Want To Be...

This is not a blog about advertising. However, just a few minutes ago, I saw a TV campaign that struck an emotional chord. The advertiser is Revista Veja - Brazil's largest and most-influencial weekly news magazine. I had already seen the print campaign, which I love. The spot uses only two words: yes (in Portuguese "sim") and no ("não"). Yes is used for positive scenes like kid in school, the Amazon Jungle, the country's vibrant agribusiness.... no is used for scenes of urban violence, poverty and corruption. The soundtrack is a beautiful slow-motion version of the Brazilian National Anthem. 

The spot ends with the campaign theme: 
"Veja.  Indispensable for the nation we want to be."

The campaign was created by Almap/BBDO. 
Click here to see the 60" spot.

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