March 14, 2008

Is São Paulo ready for a local Food Network?

Back from a business trip to find my wife watching a cooking show on cable tv hosted by Nigella Lawson.  During our days in Connecticut, my wife was a huge fan of the Food Network - the best channel in the world for those who love cooking. We don't get the Food Network here in São Paulo, so Aline was happy to find this show being broadcast on a local channel. 

São Paulo has an incredibly vibrant restaurant scene and some high-profile celebrity chefs such as Alex Atala (from fashionable 'D.O.M.' - click here to read about one of Brazil's most innovative chefs) or Carla Pernambuco (who runs a fantastic Brazilian restaurant called 'Carlota'). 

For those who work with innovation, I find that restaurants are great places to be inspired. From the the creativity of combining unexpected ingredients, to cool interior design, to the graphics of menus... 

I wonder if Brazil is ready for a cable channel entirely dedicated to wining & dining São Paulo style? We would definitely be subscribers.

Click here to read a NY Time's article on São Paulo's cool new scene.

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