March 1, 2008

Creating a Holistic Brand Experience

I love to see good examples of Brands creating exclusive retail concepts that create a truly holistic experience to consumers.

Lego has been doing it for years with their Lego® Stores... a fun combination of product showcase, interactive playground and store. Consumer electronics are also ahead with the amazing Apple® Stores with their genius bars (a place I learned a lot on how to better use my MacBook), the Samsung® Experience Stores, the famous Sony® Style Store in NY or the Nokia® Concept Stores popping up in Europe, Middle East and India. Beer and spirits seem to be experimenting exclusive concepts in airports and malls like the Casa Bacardi® I first visited at the Miami International Airport, the first Heineken® Bar which opened up at the Hong Kong Airport and the Brahma® Kisoks showing up in Brazilian malls. I was surprised to hear about the world's first Barbie® Store (since the doll exists since 1959) which opened in Buenos Aires last September, complete with doll hair salon and a café.

These retail environments become a wonderful opportunity for customization, for probing new concepts, as well as a becoming a pulse on how people interact and feel about the Brands. Why invest heavily on consumer research if you can have a real-life lab to test new concepts?

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Alexandre van Beeck said...

Oi Carlos, tudo bom?
Sem dúvidas que iniciativas como estas são ótimas oportunidades para as marcas se relacionarem com seus consumidores.
Isto me fez lembrar dos escritórios da Google e seus ambientes diferenciados. Estimulados por este ambiente, seus funcionários contribuem de forma ativa para o crescimento da empresa.
Este foi o tema que utilizei em meu mais recente post em meu blog (citando o seu como referência).


Alexandre van Beeck