June 10, 2008

Brazil's largest product design awards

Like in other countries around the World, Brazil finally has a large-scale product design awards: the IDEA/Brasil - Brazil's edition of the prestigious International Design Excellence Award, developed in partnership with IDSA-Industrial Designers Society of America.  In this first edition, 343 designs were submitted in 18 categories and 53 products were awarded.  

You can find the main awards in this month's edition of Epóca Negócios - one of Brazil's most influential business magazines. Click here to read more (article in Portuguese).

I was happy to see that one of the awards went to one of my favorite lamps, the 'Super Bossa' created and produced by Lumini®.  The pendant lamp can be easily adjusted up or down to adjust the light's intensity to help set the mood.  A simple design with a clear functionality.

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