June 7, 2008

What are people saying about your Brand on YouTube?

I loved the story that was published in USA Today the other day about a tourist who uploaded his vacation videos to YouTube and then got a call from the resort where he stayed.  Apparently, the hotel manager liked the video so much he offered the man a free return stay. It's just another wonderful example of the power of user-generated content. For us marketers, it's just another reminder that we, not only should be monitoring what people have to say online about our products and services, but it's also an interesting opportunity to open a dialogue with someone that clearly has a strong opinion (strong enough to go through the trouble of posting a comment, a complaint or a video).  

The other day I sent an e-mail to a person who posted a 30" TV spot with one of the products I had launched, congratulating her on the creative. I later found out that the video was produced by a college student as part of a university project.  She was surprised when she found out I was one of the marketing guys behind the launch so she took the opportunity to ask questions about the innovation process and marketing strategy. The student was thrilled that she ended up with information direct from the source that no one in her class had. Fascinating times for consumers who enjoy taking a more active role in influencing business behavior... fascinating times for brand managers who want to establish a closer connection.  I believe this connection should be made not only with those who have a positive opinion about our brand but mainly with those who may have had a bad experience and are feeling frustrated.  

Have you been checking what people are saying about your business?

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