June 22, 2008


At an airport the other day waiting to catch a flight, I couldn't help but watching the TV monitor at the gate which was on ManagemenTV (a perfect location to reach their target audience). Back at the office, I gave them a call to get additional information. They sent me a brochure and a DVD with highlights of their programming. Great content combining interviews with business stars and entrepreneurs from around the globe, case studies, with in-depth coverage on specific business themes. For those who haven't seen it yet, ManagemenTV is a Latin-American cable and satellite channel targeting the business community. ManagemenTV was created by HSM, one of the world's most respected companies specialized in executive education.

I'm sure business schools throughout the region will certainly benefit from this new media option. With so many channels targeting very specific demographics from college sports to gourmet fans, it was about time someone focused on management.   

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