June 2, 2008

Photos that show how people relate to product categories

For marketers who like to see how everyday people see, relate and (in a certain way) feel about different product categories, an interesting desk research is flickr Groups.  Browsing though some of the groups was a great opportunity to observe what's on people's radar.  I'm assuming that for someone to go through the trouble of taking a picture and posting it, there has to be something interesting about it. One of the groups I found was called 'Japanese Snacks' with 508 members and over 2,000 photos posted.  I've always loved Japanese graphics and packaging.  It was fun looking at 'The Coffee Cup' a group with 1,162 members and about 2,300 photos.  'Brand, Marks & Logos' with over 9,300 photos is also worth browsing.

For those with a keen eye in search of insights, I'm sure there's always something to learn. 

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