June 15, 2008

Ideas need time to ferment and ripen

I read a quote this week that I think is brilliant...

"Ideas, like young wine, should be put in storage and taken up again only after they have been allowed to ferment and to ripen"  
--- Richard Strauss

This year, at work, we had to delay the launch of a new product due to capacity constraints.  A situation all of us marketers have been through one way or another.  The interesting thing is that the extra time has allowed my team and I to re-think, question and validate some of the initial assumptions (branding, package graphics, communication strategy...) which we're doing in a more collaborative way through a panel of college kids from different universities across the country.  Like in this particular case, from now on I'll be taking a more cautious approach and allowing time to ferment and ripen other marketing initiatives before we take them to the market.  

Don't you just love it when you come across something someone said somewhere in time... and it relates so well with something you're working on today?  That's what happened this week.  

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